Compliance and risk: iManage integrates S&P Intelligence within conflicts and intake portfolio

iManage today (10 March) announces the native integration of S&P Global Market Intelligence data  into iManage conflicts manager and iManage business intake manager, key products within the iManage security, risk and governance portfolio.
Available today, the integrations allow customers a faster, more streamlined approach to onboarding new clients, and identifying and addressing risk posed by ethical and business conflicts.
The combination of iManage and S&P Global Market Intelligence data will accelerate conflicts searching across complex corporate structures and provide embedded intelligence surrounding the corporate relationships of relevant parties.
iManage says that the integration to iManage conflicts manager and business intake manager will help its clients to form an effective strategy to support know-your-customer (KYC) requirements and regulations globally. 
Clients have access to the data available for public and private companies directly within iManage, and that data is automatically refreshed and married to their internal business processes.  
“This opportunity between iManage and S&P Global Market Intelligence provides our global customers a great option for supporting and enhancing business-critical risk management processes,” said Joy E. Spicer, VP of risk and compliance at iManage. “Our customers are now empowered to reduce a good deal of the administrative burden of clearing conflicts to create efficiencies that drive faster, more decisive action. We help take human error out of the equation resulting in improved client services, regulatory compliance and, ultimately, profitability.”