The March Orange Rag is out now!

Welcome to the March Orange Rag, and yes, it’s another month where the biggest story is legaltech M&A, BUT we also bring news of the first social event of the legaltech calendar, our very own Bring Back Boring Ball (and awards)! 

Dominating our front page (and holding up the release of the Orange Rag, but it’s worth it) is the news that Litera has acquired its former arch-rival DocsCorp. We speak to Litera’s CEO Avaneesh Marwaha and DocsCorp’s founder and CEO Dean Sappey to find out how the acquisition came about and what it means for customers. See the newsletter for all the details. Be sure to take a look at our M&A section, where we have exclusive data from showing that the amount of legal and regtech VC investments in Q1 2021 exceeded $6bn – albeit that includes GRC deals.

Hot off the press is the news that Legal IT Insider is hosting a real-life ball in July as we ease out of lockdown. The Bring Back Boring theme is both a tongue in cheek statement to celebrate the easing of the COVID-19 lockdown in the UK and across the globe, and an opportunity to recognise the legal sector’s innovations and successes in the face of adversity throughout the pandemic. Before our evening’s festivities, there will be opportunities to share knowledge and best practices with your clients and peers.