End of lawyers: New AI can take over complex legal matters “end-to-end”

A new AI that will take over a legal matters in their entirety, including producing complex legal advice, has received $200m in investment from a raft of investors including Palo Alto-based private equity firm Esnesnon Capital.
Unsinn Systems applies its natural language processing ability to search through all of a firm’s unstructured data as well as publicly available case law and produce legal advice that has been assessed as 99% accurate by a panel of experts. Absolutely no data cleansing is necessary and it works out of the box.
Embedded within a firm’s workflow it is capable of taking over complex legal matters from inception to closure, with Unsinn’s managing director Nigel commenting: “Lawyers will shortly be able to stay at home with their children permanently.”
We spoke to one lawyer at a large international law firm who said: “The profession is starting to look less attractive all the time: pretty soon lawyers will just be a bunch of servers.”
A spokesperson for the UK regulator said: “Computers can never replace lawyers, who as well as delivering mostly excellent legal advice, also provide human contact and can make coffee, which AI can never do.”