Reynen Court launches full-service offering – Womble Bond Dickinson first to sign up

Reynen Court today (22 April) announces the launch of a new full-service offering, with Womble Bond Dickinson, a firm of 1,100 lawyers in 26 offices across the U.S. and the U.K., the first firm to sign up for the new model to speed up their sourcing, testing and acquiring of new cloud-based technologies.The Reynen Court platform helps firms and law departments source, test and buy, deploy and manage best-in-class software applications. Until now, the company’s platform has been available only on a ‘self-managed basis,’ where firms and departments bring their own infrastructure (in a data center or virtual private cloud), install the Reynen Court platform, and then deploy and manage containerized third-party software applications in one or several secure private clouds under their exclusive control. In contrast, we’re told that the new full-service offering provides turn-key access to a solution that enables organizations to access the same benefits of the platform (and the standardization it embodies) without requiring them to provision and manage their own private cloud, platform and application deployments.The new full-service offering comes with a lower up-front subscription fee than the self-managed platform and a pay-as-you-go pricing regime that bundles deployment-specific application management services and cloud infrastructure provisioning into supplemental fees that are quoted in connection with each prospective application deployment.  Such fees will vary based on the application selected and the scope of the deployment.“From the time we first met Reynen Court, we felt strongly they could make a substantial contribution toward our innovation initiatives as we work to accelerate our ability to source and test new practice-focused applications,” says Bill Koch, Chief Knowledge Officer at Womble Bond Dickinson (US).  “Like everyone in our industry, we see no end to the onslaught of new technologies, and Reynen Court will allow us to cut through the noise so that we may rapidly adopt technologies that improve our efficiency and facilitate purposeful interactions with our clients. The value of the time we expect to save represents a multiple on the investment we are making in a full-service Reynen Court subscription. We are excited to get started and have already identified a number of applications that we intend to pilot straight away.”

CIO Bradley Bragg said: “We appreciate the pay-as-you-go pricing structure of the full-service model. We can get started immediately – at a lower up-front cost compared to the self-managed option and without having to invest time and energy in building or maintaining an infrastructure for the platform. Over time, as we select specific third-party applications for proof-of-concept or full production deployments, then in each case we will get quoted in advance for the cloud provisioning and deployment management services that would apply. We can accept those incremental costs and outsource the project or we can change at any time to a self-managed subscription. Time will tell where we end up, but at this point we prefer the full-service offering, with the platform provided as a service, fully installed, configured, secured, managed and supported by Reynen Court.”In addition to Womble Bond Dickinson, two other sizable law firms are scheduled for the initial roll-out of the full-service model during the second quarter.  Additional law firm subscriptions for the new offering are expected in the second half of 2021.  Reynen Court also plans to announce its first significant collaboration with in-house legal departments in the coming months.