Rescheduled Webinar: Improve your legal operations with ContractPodAi

Thanks to a last minute technical hitch with our third party supplier (leading to much tearing of hair out) we made the reluctant decision to postpone our webinar with ContractPodAi to 17th June. Apologies if you were scheduled to attend. We are grateful to the ContractPodAi crew for being utterly awesome about it and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible on 17th to learn how law firms and corporate legal teams can leverage the ContractPodAi cloud platform.

The improvement of legal operational processes adds intrinsic value to the business. Implementing AI-based technology solutions such as end-to-end legal automation systems, GCs and legal teams can more easily handle any legal document, process, or scenario – from contract to claims and IP portfolio management. They can then better stay on top of buy- and sell-side contracting, compliance requirements, and corporate governance.

In this live and interactive webinar, you will get a hands-on demonstration of the new ContractPodAI Cloud one legal platform. Jerry Levine, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist, General Counsel, and former client will discuss how ContractPodAi Cloud removes obstacles to everyday legal functions – while fueling critical business thinking. In particular, he will explain the importance of:

Simplifying and streamlining legal requests with a self-service contract authoring desk for users across the businessCreating increased structure and visibility for contracts with a single central repository and related search and reportingReducing the company’s overall risk profile through a Contract Risk and Compliance tool

Join this timely and relevant webinar. Learn how advanced yet intuitive legal automation meets the needs of GCs and legal ops managers today.

Thursday 17th June 20214:30pm BST/ 11:30am CST

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