Novum Learning launches career accelerator with the story of triSearch CEO Taylah Allen

Professional learning hub Novum Learning has launched a career accelerator that expands its remit from critical business skills training to broader career development. The accelerator will provide content including life success stories, kicked off by the CEO of triSearch, Taylah Allen, who was previously a chef.
Novum Learning is part of recruitment business Novum Global. In an interview with Novum Global’s CEO David Woolstencroft, Allen reflects on her journey rising to the C-suite from behind the grill. The interview covers questions such as her personal ‘why’ and how Taylah navigated her career, including how she dealt with obstacles along the way.
“Navigating the world of career choices and making these work is complex. Learning from others, examples of the choices they made and how they navigated obstacles for a clear path to the outcome that they wanted, provides professionals with fantastic insights on how to achieve their career goals in an accelerated time. Technical skills, qualifications and experience are no longer enough for professionals to achieve the career goals that they desire. Career knowledge and how that practically applies is a superpower. Taylah’s story is an amazing story of career choices, overcoming obstacles and practical tips – we are truly excited to share this!” commented David Woolstencroft.
Future stories in the Novum Learning career accelerator will contribute to not only prepare professionals with tangible skills for their next role but also expand their perspectives on alternative career options or potential pathways to reach their desired career goals.
Allen added “The team at Novum are doing a fantastic job at educating the industry on how to move forward in their careers. I hope my story and message of hard work above all else can inspire people to take the next step in their own career. I am excited to see the Career Accelerator take off and hear about other successful journeys, motivations and tips for success.”
Speaking to Legal IT Insider, which is supporting Novum Learning in its quest, Woolstencroft said: “We want to tell real stories about inspiring people. Let’s talk about what they do and how they got there. Let’s talk to the C-Suite and not talk about company productivity but what you did to get there and what are the secrets.”