Prosperoware to unveil new provisioning features for Teams and SharePoint Online

Prosperoware will today (21 June) announce enhanced content synchronization features between Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and either iManage Work or NetDocuments.

The new capability comes within Prosperoware’s SaaS platform CAM, which enables organisations to provision data in order to ensure compliance with information governance, compliance and security regulations and obligations.

Prosperoware says it has worked with leading firms to develop support for three common scenarios in how users of Document Management Systems (DMS) want to collaborate with documents in the Microsoft Teams Files tab and SharePoint Online. These scenarios are:

Publish – users work in the DMS and folders is synchronized one-way so that external users (clients, vendors, and co-counsel) can consume completed documents. An example is publishing bundles, pleadings, and executed agreements.Work in any repository – for organizations who want users to work anywhere they please if the repository is appropriately managed and secured. There are two options: (1) two-way synchronization of content, or (2) copying content at matter/project end or on a defined interval.DMS as a Factory Floor – when a set of DMS users prefer to do their core drafting in the DMS and then check-out the document to Teams or SharePoint Online to either: (1) collaborate with only Teams users – such as legal departments with external parties (clients or professional service firms) using Teams as an extranet, or (2) use the real-time collaboration features of M365. Once collaboration is completed, the documents can be checked back in to the DMS.

The CAM Content Mover feature set has now been enhanced to support all these scenarios.

CAM’s ability to provision Teams, SharePoint Online, Planner, OneNote, and Lists has also been enhanced in response to customer requirements.

“Many firms are looking at Teams & Channels in MS Teams as critical technology to power their digital transformation around hybrid work and outsourced service delivery.” says Keith Lipman, Prosperoware CEO & Co-founder. “Firms want to empower users to work in any way they want to and collaborate internally & externally, while maintaining governance and reducing risks of damaging hacks.”

Learn more about CAM here, or schedule a demonstration here.