Legal IT Insider launches US Top 200

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Legal IT Insider is excited to announce that we have officially released our brand-new US Top 200, which you are now able to pay for and receive through the normal website.

The chart is part of our new subscriptions business, which allows us to put more resource into making sure that the data you read is completely up to date and that we can keep adding to the huge bank of information that people rely on us for. Editorial content on the website will continue to be free.

The chart shows which system is currently live at each firm across practice management, document management, and customer relationship management. You also get a full analysis of the US legal market, and the report includes editorial, commentary, analysis and supporting raw data on which of the US Top firms are using those systems listed above.

The report also offers a visual representation of which software companies are succeeding and at which firms.

When it comes to practice management, aside from the odd smattering of other systems, the Top 200 is largely a two-horse race between Thomson Reuters Elite and Aderant and we track the progress of each.

Progress in shifting off sunsetted PMS Enterprise is slow, and the report says:

“Given that it was announced some years ago that Enterprise is not being developed, and that support for it will cease on 31st December 2022 (except for migration) and that it can take a year to decide on any replacement system, and up to 18 months to implement it, this demonstrates a phenomenal degree of lethargy in adherence to an obsolescent system.”

To receive the report click here