PracticeEvolve launches new client success team and new mobile app 

PracticeEvolve Group, which you’ll recall includes Linetime and SOS, has announced the recruitment of a team of client success consultants, who are responsible for ensuring that customers make full use of their software. PracticeEvolve has also in the past couple of weeks launched a new mobile app which connects with their on-premises software. 

The client success consultants do not have a sales role and CEO David Boland said: “While similar to the conventional account manager roles, the CSCs are not sales driven in any way. Instead, their sole purpose is to ensure firms are accessing all functionality and resources available to them. Research shows businesses tend to only use up to 40% of their systems so firms are often spending time and resource employing additional software without knowing our software already offers a solution. Assigning CSC’s to our clients will help firms realise the full potential of PracticeEvolve, Linetime and SOS.” 

Philip Culbert, head of professional services at PracticeEvolve, added: “The CSC team is fundamental to the future success of law firms and will work alongside our professional services team who will focus on training, product development and continual service enhancement. Our ambition is for the CSC’s to engage users with the services we provide, offering advice and guidance, arranging bespoke training plans with clients and ensuring clients’ competency within the product is constantly being reviewed and renewed.” 

Elsewhere, the start of October saw PracticeEvolve launch a new mobile app called EvolveMobile, which gives users the ability to record time wherever they are. It integrates with Android and Apple phones and connects with PracticeEvolve’s on premises software.  

Boland said: “EvolveMobile is a fundamental part of our suite of cloud products, including our native cloud app which is currently being trialled in Australia. However, we have ensured the app connects seamlessly with our on-premise software, wherever it is hosted. This reinforces our commitment to supporting the on-premise software for the long-term. Initially, we are beta testing EvolveMobile with a number of clients in the UK, Ireland and Australia with a view to making it fully available before the end of 2021.” 

PracticeEvolve says they are actively recruiting across the businesses. If you are interested in learning more about the roles they are offering, contact