Neil Cameron takes on role of lead analyst at Legal IT Insider

You may have wondered who the mysterious man is pictured in the ‘All Change at Legal IT Insider’ article on Tuesday 11 October. Although, he is well known to many of you and some eagle eyed readers have already messaged with congratulations. We can now formally confirm that globally renowned legal technology consultant Neil Cameron has taken on the role of lead analyst at Legal IT Insider.

Neil is a key member of the Legal IT Insider team, whose decades of experience in the legal tech sector are proving invaluable. It was Neil who put together the US Top 200, which was the first in a series of reports that you will be able to download from behind the Legal IT Insider paywall on the website. We must stress that our core editorial content remains completely free.

Neil is ranked in Band 1 of Chambers’ 2021 global lawtech advisors. Over the past 35 years, he has advised law firms, corporate law departments, legal tech vendors and public sector legal bodies on all aspects of legal technology. He splits his time between the US and the UK.

Neil said: “I have been involved with legal organisations for 35 years and I’m looking forward to leveraging that experience in creating content that is really valuable, taking a deep dive into data, and taking a really critical look behind the headlines.”

We will be publishing further reports that aim to look behind the often recited ‘facts’ when it comes to legal technology. If you have your own ideas make sure you contact