Clarilis and FromCounsel unveil next tranche of corporate precedents

Clarilis and FromCounsel have unveiled the next tranche of their automated corporate precedents bank, which now includes corporate suites relating to share capital re-organisations, shareholders’ agreements and articles of association.

Following the launch of their pre-automated M&A suite earlier this year, Clarilis and FromCounsel say these further phases are meeting ‘accelerated demand’ as a result of the boom in transaction activity over the last 12 months. The roll out of this next phase will start in Q1 2022.

The next automated suites to be delivered, include the following:

  • Share transfer suite
  • Share issue suite
  • Share buyback suite: Off-market
  • Variation of class rights suite
  • Articles of association suite
  • Consolidation of shares suite
  • Sub-division of shares suite
  • Reduction of share capital suite
  • Shareholders (joint venture) agreement
  • Re-designation of shares

Andrew Thornton QC, CEO of FromCounsel, said: “The second phase of our partnership with Clarilis signals a significant step forward at a time where pressures on fees, coupled with a boom in transactional activity requires a solution that delivers what the market needs, now. The first phase of pre-automated document suites, delivered as a result of our partnership, has proven that this can be achieved to enable firms to quickly deliver high quality documentation, minimise risk and provide employees with the best tools. We will continue to extend the range of documentation available with Clarilis, on behalf of law firms of all sizes.”

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