NetDocuments Inspire – We interview the executives about Afterpattern

As part of NetDocuments Inspire conference, Legal IT Insider editor Caroline Hill and LawSites editor Bob Ambrogi were given the opportunity to interview the senior executive about the acquisition of document and workflow automation startup Afterpattern, and you can watch that video here.

The executives we interviewed were CEO Josh Baxter; chief technology officer Alvin Tedjamulia; chief product officer Dan Hauck; chief revenue officer Mike ‘Gibby’ Gibson; who were hosted on a panel by Mike Sanders, senior manager, solutions expert team. The video begins with a short conversation between Hauck and the Afterpattern co-founders, Scott Kelly and Thomas Officer.

In our conversation with the executives, we asked questions including why they had selected Afterpattern; how customers will use the technology; and – for customers that use other automation technology – what the acquisition means in terms of how they engage with the new technology.

According to Hauck, NetDocuments looked at a number of different technologies ahead of the acquisition, and asked the NetDocuments user based what they wanted in the platform. “They wanted something they could take to the next level, and that they can use to create complex work product but also use day-to-day,” Hauck said. “Afterpattern struck the right balance between being easy to use and put together your first app or first set of documents, whether you are working in the web application or out of Word, in order to create template; or if you are more sophisticated or have someone in your team who is really able to take advantage and think through those complex workflows, Afterpattern has that capability as well. We love the scale and breadth of the application to be able to serve our customers including small law firms and global law firms as well as corporate legal teams.

Tedjamulia added that Afterpattern fits in with NetDocuments drive towards platformisation, commenting: “Our platform and the Afterpattern solutions for application building and for workflow and for document assembly can all fit within in our infrastructure, within the storage and security of our authentication. We continue to execute on our vision that we have a platform and that the solutions are native.”

Watch the video in full here:

You can read Hauck’s blog about the acquisition here: