Legal IT Movers: Eigen switches HQ to NYC and Bryter opens in Paris 

Eigen Technologies is moving its global headquarters from London to New York, citing the Big Apple as being the financial centre most open to the adoption of AI technology. The move comes as Bryter opens an office in Paris with the hire of regional sales manager Arthur Lefebvre, showing that physical space is still a priority even for remote first tech companies. 

Eigen was founded in London but says that North America represents more than 70% of the company’s revenues. The data extraction and document automation company was founded in London in 2015, and since 2017 has had a New York office, where its commercial leadership are based. It also opened a third office in Lisbon earlier this year.  

Eigen says that despite the change in HQ, it will continue to maintain a large presence in London. Eigen’s future structure across its three offices will be as follows: 

  • New York (Global HQ): commercial leadership, lead office for servicing the Americas and the banking, healthcare, real estate and manufacturing sectors 
  • London: technical leadership, lead office for servicing EMEA and APAC, and for the insurance sector 
  • Lisbon: technical and software engineering 

“At Eigen we pride ourselves on being both a commercially successful and technically excellent company. All B2B software businesses live and die by their customers and with 70% of our revenue coming from North America, it is clear that our headquarters need to be in our biggest market. This is reinforced by the fact that the United States provides the best environment and support to build the biggest and most successful tech businesses,” said Dr. Lewis Z. Liu, co-founder & CEO of Eigen Technologies. 

Eigen’s clients include Goldman Sachs, ING, BlackRock, Aviva, Fortress and Allen & Overy. 

Elsewhere, no-code automation platform Bryter has launched an office in Paris with the hire of Lefebvre, who was previously enterprise account executive at Okta. 

Bryter is hiring in Paris, including for a marketing manager who will help manage events based in France and B2B content marketing initiatives in the region. 

Micha-Manuel Bues, CCO of BRYTER and head of commercial activities, said: “Due to growing demand in the region for powerful but easy-to-use automation technology, the French market presents a great opportunity for us, and having a presence there will enable us to be on hand for customers and attend all the major events—both industry-wide, and those that we host ourselves.”

Bryter at the start of November announced that it has expanded to the Nordics, with a team based in Stockholm, Sweden.