We want your predictions for 2022!

Well, it’s the end of another completely abnormal year, but one that has continued to usher in long overdue technological and cultural shifts in the legal sector. We have seen a flight to Microsoft Teams and cloud technology more broadly. The majority of law firms now have their email in Exchange Online – who’d have thunk it?! And the shift back to the office is largely being reversed, certainly in the United Kingdom, with firms under pressure to make sure they can work as well either from home or in a hybrid way as they can when all together. The days of congratulating ourselves for shifting to WFH with few metrics to measure success are over.


SO, with the knowledge that nothing is certain please send us your predictions for 2022. What is going to be the one technology that you are focusing on? What does the industry need to focus on as a whole? Is there going to be one bit of tech that everyone is doubling down on in 2022 and what is it? Will we ever manage to get to a Christmas party?


Please email your replies to caroline@legaltechnology.com


All ideas will feature in the Orange Rag, out next week.


Thanks for your continued support,