PractiveEvolve launches free e-learning platform to improve user adoption

PracticeEvolve Group, incorporating Linetime and SOS, have released a new, free e-learning platform, designed to improve user ability and adoption.

The new platform, EvolveCommunity, incorporates forums to facilitate cooperation between firms and a suite of e-learning videos that support furthering user knowledge at a pace to suit them.

Adam Bullion, director of marketing at PracticeEvolve said: “The pace at which software evolves can often outpace a firm’s ability to stay abreast of software development. Training new users can prove difficult for law firms as it is often prohibited by time and cost, resulting in users becoming unaware of all the features and functions available to them within the software. We are taking responsibility by providing a platform that sets about a change in the way users are supported. EvolveCommunity, featuring EvolveLearning, a new online learning platform, provides a valuable tool to our clients, allowing them to get the most from every single feature and function within the software, whilst doing so at a pace to suit them.”

He adds: “I’m very excited to say we are investing in more than just the software itself and we are focused on helping our clients achieve much more through high level educational materials that offer the ability to users to manage their own learning. Of course, this does not replace the all-important face to face training upon a go-live, but it acts as a support tool and ultimately save firms time and money, ensuring they are maximising their investment. This is the first phase of the community site and we have strong plans to evolve the platform to include features that benefit all our clients.”

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