1 WEEK TO GO! – Webinar: Explore RPA from Automation Outcomes, with Thompsons Solicitors

Leading UK trade union law firm Thompsons Solicitors is using robotic process automation (RPA) to automate its billing processes, working with London-headquartered vendor Automation Outcomes, which are a mix of business analysts, developers and process automation experts.


In this webinar, we will speak with Automation Outcomes co-founder Gavin Price and Thompsons’ head of IT and business process Peter Kettleborough about the journey so far, including the process they have been through to eliminate the repetitive work being done by Thompsons’ billing team.  


Thompsons does a high volume of personal injury claims, from ‘trips and slips’ to complex, high value claims. The sheer volume of cases and the pressure on margins in the insurance sector means that the firm is constantly looking for ways to gain efficiency in its processes.  


Kettleborough,  who has been with Thompsons for eight and half years and before that was head of IT at Plexus Law, will talk through the change management program so far and what the firm is looking at in terms of its roadmap.  


The steps being put in place are not intended to replace employees, but to allow them to add value, and Kettleborough will talk through how RPA can achieve that. 


3rd March 2022

11am EST/ 4pm GMT