Conferences: GlenLegal clarification and LegalWeek plans 

I’ll be reporting from New York between 8-11 March, make sure you let me know if you’re around.

I’ve been asked a few times recently about the GlenLegal conference so just wanted to clarify that Legal IT Insider is no longer involved in GlenLegal and anyone wishing to attend needs to contact Jeremy Hill. The conference re-launched last week and is taking place in April. We wish Jeremy and all the vendors involved huge success in getting back together, in many cases for the first time in ages. To save any further confusion, make sure you’re familiar with our restructure: 

On the subject of conferences, I will be reporting from LegalWeek in New York between 8 and 11 March. Local CIOs who I don’t normally get to see in person, please do message me if you want to get together for a coffee, I’ve deliberately saved space for some spontaneous meetings. Vendors, I hope to see many of you in person and please send me your news – especially eDiscovery news – to