LegalWeek: Exterro targets UK public services with Blue Lights Digital partnership

UK police forces, military and government agencies said to benefit from the next generation of digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) technologies

US-headquartered legal GRC vendor Exterro has entered into partnership with UK investigation and intelligence provider Blue Lights Digital. The partnership is intended to further extend Exterro’s reach into the UK public services sector and deepen BLD’s digital forensics offering.

Under the new partnership, BLD will actively market Exterro’s full forensic toolkit solutions to its existing customer base and to law enforcement, intelligence agencies and military organisations to assist them with their digital investigations and intelligence building capabilities.

Nick Curry, COO of Blue Lights Digital said: “The value we bring to Exterro is through our established customer base across law enforcement, military policing, the MOD, and governmental agencies while Exterro’s technology covers computer and mobile device forensics as well as disparate data sources so will give us that acceleration into the forensic space.”

BLD will also make available Exterro’s wider product portfolio, including its Incident and Breach Management and Smart Breach Review, to offer Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).

As a forensic partner on the Exterro Partner Program, BLD is currently undergoing accreditation as an authorised training partner, which will allow its subject matter experts and practitioners to provide additional customer support in the form of training around the technology.

“Blue Lights Digital is a major coup for us because it allows us to build upon the success we’ve already had with the UK police force,” said Ian Rainsborough, international channel and partnerships director at Exterro. “The partnership allows us to provide solutions that address the real-world problems besetting forces today, from ensuring front line officers can participate in review, to dealing with case backlogs and mental wellbeing.

“As a leading computer forensics provider, we are a natural fit for the BLD portfolio and the versatility of our offering means they can readily package FTK in a myriad of ways, enabling the company to target military agencies and regulated industries going forward.”