BamLegal launches international DocAuto Database including top 20 vendors

Legal document automation consultancy BamLegal has launched a website to help end users select the best docauto products for their needs, which includes a very international list of 20 top picks.

BamLegal reviewed over 250 solutions and came up with the 20 shortlisted products. BamLegal CEO and founder Catherine Bamford said:These 20 vendors the answered a very in-depth requirements questionnaire and provided evidence. The shortlisted vendors have also helpfully included demo videos, pricing details and other info for you all to take a look at.” 

The top picks are ActiveDocs, which is headquartered in New Zealand; Airslate, Contract Express, Hotdocs, Documate and Lawyaw from the United States; Autto, Avvoka and Juro from the UK; Avokaado from Estonia; Bigle Legal from Spain; Carizma by Axicos from Switzerland; Contract Mill from Finland; Contractbook and Green Meadow from Denmark; Precisely from Sweden; Legal Smart in the Netherlands; Lawlift from Germany; Legito from the Czech Republic; and Contract Instructor from Australia; and Docassemble, which is a free open source expert system.  

Commenting on the new site on LinkedIn, Bamford said:At BamLegal we are often asked by law firms and inhouse legal teams which document automation tool they should use. The truth is though that there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. It very much depends on your needs, your documents, your users, whether you need it to be a cloud solution or on-prem… the list goes on.

“To help, we have created this website where you can narrow down their choices by selecting some key requirements.”