LexSoft unveils multilingual capability in T3 knowledge management system

Lexsoft Systems today (21 March) unveils the latest release of its T3 knowledge management (KM) solution, which now includes multilingual capability. It means that law firms can more easily create centralised repositories at a global level, ensuring that the local language and jurisdictional needs of their lawyers are met.

Law firms using T3 can benefit from the multilingual functionality by updating to the latest version of the solution. The functionality is offered as a core part of the T3 solution and means that T3 offers the most evolved multilingual capability within the iManage partner ecosystem.

The key features of the new multilingual functionality include:

  • Search results in the language of choice. Lawyers can conduct searches across jurisdictions and languages via their web browser, with results also presented in their default web portal interface language – regardless of the original language of the resources.
  • No constraints on number of languages. Multi-jurisdictional firms can define their taxonomies in T3 in multiple languages, with no limitations on the number of languages that can be applied. For example, if a firm defines its taxonomies in English, Spanish and French, then lawyers searching using the terms “contract”, “contrato” and “contrat” will see the exact same results across the three languages.
  • Labels in multiple languages. Firms can define all the labels and text of the user interface in several languages. Depending on the language defined in users’ web browser configuration, T3 transparently transitions across multiple languages.
  • Synonyms improve searchability. Firms can add any number of synonyms for terms in their taxonomies to improve searchability of knowledge. If ‘VAT’ is a taxonomy term, by adding ‘Value Added Tax’ as a synonym for it in the relevant taxonomy, a lawyer classifying a document by ‘VAT’ automatically also classifies the document by ‘Value Added Tax’, ensuring that searches surface all the documents pertaining to the subject.

“We have designed the multilingual functionality with the user in mind to ensure a high level of customisability, so that firms can tailor the KM function to their way of working,” said Carlos García-Egocheaga, CEO of Lexsoft Systems. “We haven’t hard-coded the features in T3, firms have full control of the language package, and can easily make changes to meet their evolving business needs.”

He added: “Especially since the pandemic, many multi-regional law firms have recognised the need to create a KM function that meets global, regional and specific jurisdictional needs of its lawyers – without compromising on the reliability and accuracy of information. This latest version of T3 delivers against these requirements.”

Today, three of the top 10 global law firms (among others) are already using T3 for KM programmes.

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