ABA Legal Tech Resource Center unveils Women of Legal Tech 2022  

The American Bar Association’s Legal Tech Resource Center has announced its Women of Legal Tech 2022 and I am honoured to be among the 17 women selected. 

One of the American Bar Association’s core values is a commitment to diversity, which its Law Practice Division aims to reinforce in the legal tech sector. From tech founders and CEOs to small business owners, women are making a big impact on legal tech in every field. 

The LTRC’s Women of Legal Tech award is designed to celebrate the women currently in the legal tech space and to encourage more women to join the ranks, which I could not applaud more.  

This year the Women of Legal Tech are: 

Commenting on the announcement on Twitter, Colin Levy, a legal technologist and now director of legal and evangelist at Malbek said: “Bravo to all. All of you, literally all of you, have inspired me and continue to inspire me and countless others. This recognition is well earned. Please continue to be who you are and do the good work that you all do.”  

Michele Neitz, a professor of law at Golden Gate University, said: “You are all an inspiration for the students we teach every day!”  

Women of Legal Tech began in 2015 with an initial list created by Law Technology Today contributor and practice management advisor, Heidi Alexander.  

You can find the current list and all previous winners here: https://www.americanbar.org/groups/departments_offices/legal_technology_resources/resources/WomenofLegalTech/ 

Thank you to LTCR for continuing to celebrate the hard work and achievements of the women of legal technology and for encouraging more women to find their voice. 

The Women of Legal Technology Summit will be held at the ABA Law Practice Division Spring Meeting in Nashville in May.