PingPlotter demo: Taking the blame out of network performance

In this 10-minute recorded demonstration by PingPlotter’s customer success engineer Tyson Warth, we see how PingPlotter helps to show you what is wrong with end users’ network performance, helping to smooth relations and re-establish trust between IT departments and attorneys.

The shift to working from home or in a hybrid fashion has led to increased finger pointing over who is to blame if network performance impedes an attorney’s ability to deliver their work.

Warth uses the example of US law firm Levenfeld Pearlstein, where attorneys couldn’t believe that their home internet was at fault for poor performance. With timelines and graphs, PingPlotter made it clear where the trouble arose, meaning that IT could also recommend how to fix it.

PingPlotter is deployed remotely to any network and can be used to show end users where the problems arise. Warth told Legal IT Insider: “It helps users to see what the IT team sees and shows them they are putting blame in the wrong place.”