Webinar: Live Q&A with the founder of the National Cyber Security Centre

On 29 June, Legal IT Insider will be hosting a live virtual Q&A with Ciaran Martin CB, the founder and first CEO of the National Cyber Security Centre, which is part of GCHQ. Hosted in association with global cybersecurity company Red Sift, for which Martin is a special adviser, we welcome all of your questions around cybersecurity and risk and Martin will give us his thoughts on:

• The new cyber dimension to war – is it Y2K-style hype or a serious underlying issue?
• The 2021 ransomware crisis – what have we learned?
• When we have stopped looking East at Russia, will be look further East, at the tech race between China and the West?
• CISOs – why the dynamic and conversation with the C-Suite needs to change.
• How do you assess risk in the legal sector? One approach does not fit all, you have to calibrate the threat.
• And why it’s nonsense that people are the weakest link.

Martin is currently professor of practice in the management of public organisations at Oxford University. He led a fundamental shift in the UK’s approach to cyber security in the second half of the last decade, successfully advocating for a wholesale change of approach towards a more interventionist posture. This was adopted by the Government in the 2015 National Security Strategy.

This will be an interactive session and we will be taking live questions during the Q&A as well as from registration.

29th June 2022
11am EST/ 4pm BST