Agiloft unveils Integration Hub powered by Workato 

Agiloft today (23 June) unveiled a new Integration Hub powered by Workato, providing its customers with pre-built integrations across hundreds of apps, avoiding the need to ‘toggle between different interfaces.’ This is the first time that Workato has been embedded within a CLM system, and helps Agiloft to further it’s ambition of creating an entirely connected experience for its customers.  

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Agiloft’s chief product officer Andy Wishart said: “With the Integration Hub we’re integrating with hundreds of systems, not handfuls. Most CLMs integrate with Adobe Sign, but we believe that’s table stakes and you need connectors with hundreds of apps.” 

Agiloft selected Workato because of its flexible no-code platform and Wishart said: “When Workato is embedded, it’s like a natural extension of Agiloft’s ability – adding the Workato engine to the hub provides connectors to hundreds of systems, meaning that customers don’t need to acquire or embed an integration platform.”  

He added: “We believe it will unlock a whole lot of different use cases across the buy side, sell side, customer experience and support.” 

The new integration will mean that data can flow between systems, so, for example, data within the likes of RFPs can now be surfaced in contracts drafted in Agiloft.

Wishart pointed to the enormous political and socio-economic forces impacting businesses globally, commenting: “The most successful organisations that can survive those headwinds are the ones that can show contract nimbleness. A lot are scrambling to survive, but we believe that the organisations that take a data driven approach to CLM will win.”  

Gautham Viswanathan, co-founder and CPO at Workato. “Aglioft is pushing the boundaries of what it means to integrate automation practices into the new Integration Hub powered by Workato. By making it easy for users to send their contract data to more than 400 applications without having to toggle between interfaces, Agiloft is creating a more efficient and seamless future through automation.”