Podcast: Building and investing in legal tech startups in 2022 – The inside view

There are hundreds of legal technology startups in the market but which ones will survive and grow? How should they be building, and what are the key considerations around raising money – where is investment going?

As part of my LegalTech Matters Litera series, I spoke with Kristen Sonday, co-founder and CEO of pro bono platform Paladin, which this year raised $8m Series A, and to Haley Altman, a strategic adviser at Litera, who until very recently headed their M&A activity, completing 10 acquisitions in 18 months. Haley founded transaction management platform Doxly, which Litera acquired in 2019.

We talk about:

Starting Up: How and why Kristen and Haley decided to build their companies, as well as the process of product-market fit exploration, growth, fundraising, and M&A.

LegalTech Startup Trends: Exploring particular areas of industry interest, fundraising patterns, and justice tech as an emerging category.

The Macroeconomic Climate Update: Looking at who’s still building, where investment is going, what clients are still buying (or not), and predictions looking forward.