US legal PMS: Actionstep unveils built-in payment solution

Cloud-based legal practice management software Actionstep today (1 November) announced the launch of Actionstep Payments, its new built-in, payment solution, now available to Actionstep customers in the US.

Today, many law firms use third-party payment providers to receive payments online from clients. This creates data silos and extra data entry for accounting administrators, which not only increases the risk of accounting errors, but also reduces visibility into fee collection status and slows down collection efforts. Actionstep Payments is natively built-in to Actionstep’s practice management cloud platform, enabling firms to send secure online payment links to clients and accept a variety of convenient payment types within the application. Funds are then directly deposited into the law firm’s operating or trust account, simplifying the entire payment process for both firm clients and teams.

“Our goal with Actionstep Payments is to simplify payments for both firm clients and teams,” shared Cody Bender, Actionstep’s chief product officer. “We did a significant amount of upfront market research and testing to ensure we provided the most comprehensive payments solution to our customers compared to any market options, including standalone payments offerings. Beyond the benefit of eliminating much of the back-office administrative pain points caused by using separate payments providers, Actionstep Payments results in faster payments from law firm clients, improved fee collections, and a real work-life balance emphasis for countless firm administrators based on ease of use and feature flexibility.”

Actionstep, used by more than 775 law firms in the US. Actionstep Payments was trialled and tested by many firms as part of a corporate pilot program. One of those pilot customers, Shawn Eyestone, from Eyestone Law Offices commented: “Billing and receiving payments through Actionstep has saved me and my bookkeeper a significant amount of time and effort. Our clients love this new feature, too!”

For more information about Actionstep Payments, join Actionstep for an informative webinar on November 3, 2022, by registering here, or visit