goes live – support it if you can

Not ‘legal tech’ but worth promoting and supporting if you can, Netherlands-founded has gone live, matching refugees and employers directly online.

Available in 11 languages and based on skills (vs diplomas), the goal of the platform is to match as many refugees and employers as possible, helping refugees utilize their many skills and integrate quicker, and employers fill in positions in a tough labour market. It’s national, so relevant to our many readers with offices or contacts in the Netherlands.

The project, which took seven months from inception to launch, was initiated by European digital strategy consultants SparkOptimus together VluchtelingenWerk Nederland and Start Foundation.

SparkOptimus co-founder and managing partner Alexandra Jankovich says that even before the official launch, more than 1500 refugees and 100 employers were already part of the platform.

Commenting on the launch on LinkedIn, Bas Boris Visser, global head of innovation and business change at Clifford Chance said: “Many thanks Alexandra Jankovich and SparkOptimus for yet another wonderful and important initiative.”

The SparkOptimus team is also behind RefugeeHelp, which is a starting point for Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands, providing help and advice on everything from housing to mobile and internet.