ICYMI: iManage integration now available in Clio’s app directory

Enterprise workplace software solutions developer Mkenga Na Namwaka has officially launched HarakaConnect for iManage in the Clio app marketplace, becoming the first publicly available Clio/iManage integration. 

With HarakaConnect, the circa 150,000 legal professionals who use Clio can have their matter workspaces automatically created on iManage whenever matter details are created or updated in Clio. Its automatic information synchronization eliminates the need to manually enter the same information twice – first on Clio, then separately on iManage. 

Mkenga is an iManage implementation and ISV partner, with offices in Chicago and Tanzania. Founder Elsante Mnzava told Legal IT Insider over email: “Before we officially released the application on Clio App’s marketplace, we had customers using this application (i.e. it didn’t dawn on us that we could feature the application on Clio’s App marketplace until about three or four months ago after which we needed to make several changes such that the application fully conformed with all of Clio’s technical protocols.” 

This is the first application that integrates Clio and iManage, which are competitors in the document management space. Here is a link to the application on Clio’s marketplace: https://www.clio.com/app-directory/harakaconnect-for-imanage/” 

Clio points out that it is approved by 90+ bar associations and legal societies and that HakaraConnect app strictly adheres to Clio’s security requirements for validating, storing, processing, and transferring information. 

“Mkenga Na Namwaka has built software to solve one of law firm’s biggest challenges—tedious administrative tasks,” said Jonathan Watson, chief technology officer at Clio. “For more than a decade, Clio has offered innovative technology driving digital transformation in the legal industry. We continue to invest in companies that share the same vision of transforming the delivery of law practices. With HarakaConnect’s integration in Clio, our customers can discover the full range of solutions changing workplace productivity, improving efficiencies, and optimizing core business processes.” 


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