Affinity Consulting merges with Lawyerist: The inside story

Affinity Consulting’s co-founder and managing partner Debbie Foster and Lawyerist CEO and business coach Stephanie Everett tell us how the merger came about and what benefit it will bring to clients.


How long have you been discussing a merger between Affinity Consulting and Lawyerist Media?

We have known each other professionally and have been friends for many years. About a year ago, a friendly dinner led to a discussion about our businesses and current focus. We immediately saw some interesting opportunities to help one another. It wasn’t long before we realized we could do more than just refer each other clients—that we could bring our expertise and skills together to create new products and services that could help more lawyers in new ways. 

For people who don’t know the businesses well, describe what you do.

At Affinity we work with law firms and legal departments on strategy and technology engagements that align stakeholders, leverage technology, drive profitability and improve how work gets done. Lawyerist offers resources to small firm owners through its website; leading weekly podcast; best-selling book, The Small Firm Roadmap; and paid coaching community, Lawyerist Lab.

What benefit will the merger bring to clients of the companies?

This merger allows us to meet every firm where they are, dissect their issues, and provide them with the exact level of service they need—whether it’s developing a business strategy, implementing technology, or ongoing coaching and business support.

Why are the companies better together than apart?

We have the legal industry’s leading experts in starting and growing a healthy law firm. Our knowledge covers everything from big-picture ideas like creating a business strategy to the details of implementing new technology solutions. Affinity has traditionally provided customized solutions while Lawyerist offers a done-with-you-approach. Going forward, the team can bring their talents and expertise to new products that help law firms of all sizes with exactly what they need. 

Will all members of the Lawyerist join Affinity?

Yes, all members of the Lawyerist are joining the Affinity team.

What changes can we expect from the combined business offering going forward?

We’ll continue to offer our existing services as we explore new ways to expand services and value to clients by employing the best of both brands. The beginning of 2023 includes The Small Firm Roadmap Revisited, the second edition of Lawyerist’s best-selling book, and a new podcast, Powerful Leaders No Apologies, a show focused on women in legal owning their power and changing the world.