Agiloft launches online ‘university’ in response to rise of contract operations 

Silicon Valley-headquartered contract lifecycle management vendor Agiloft today (12 January) launches an online ‘university’ to train users from across enterprise procurement, sales, and legal teams to become certified Agiloft administrators. 

The new training programme features three certification levels that Agiloft says will give graduates the skills they need to master and then move beyond the foundational stage of automating their contract management processes to leveraging the data that is hidden in those contracts.  

The Agiloft University is being launched in response to the rise of contract operations as a business-critical role and CLM emerging into the mainstream for corporations worldwide.  

“In 2022 we saw the rise of the contract operations pro and the start of a talent war to secure their services,” said Eric Laughlin, CEO of Agiloft. “As contract lifecycle management establishes itself as a business-critical function in the enterprise, a new breed of in-house professional is needed to handle the processes and technology used to manage contracts. Agiloft University will deepen that talent pool and empower users to become Agiloft Administrators within their organisations, giving customers a competitive advantage and helping them future proof their CLM.” 

The training consists of online tutorials, videos, learning plans. The curriculum is maintained by experienced Agiloft configuration experts and will cover a wide range of topics, from basic template creation on Agiloft’s Contract Assistant for Microsoft Word, to security and keeping their organisations data safe.  

“Agiloft University will give our customers the tools and training to meet the needs of today’s contract-driven enterprise,” said Gordon Loudon, VP of professional services and training at Agiloft. “With the ability for business users to become Agiloft administrators and contract operations professionals, they will serve a business-critical role in the continuous improvement and day-to-day operations of a CLM system.”