Tiger Eye launches iManage Cloud migration package and merger management bundle 

UK-headquartered iManage Partner Tiger Eye has created two new, separate service bundles for iManage user firms, which it says packages up or codifies the process of moving to the cloud and managing data migration in the run up to and following a merger.  

The fully-managed iManage Cloud Migration Package includes technical support and guidance from the initial planning stages through to database preparation and migration management, with post-migration database optimisation once live. Tiger Eye anticipates that the new package will assist firms facing the impact of iManage’s End of Life announcement (with many on-premises solutions including FileSite and DeskSite being retired by the end of 2023) by easing transitions to the iManage Cloud. 

The iManage Merger Management Bundle combines pre-merger support and database transformation with fully-managed data migration services, powered by Tiger Eye Migration Duo – a dual-component solution which features as part of Tiger Eye’s Tiger Eye Tools for iManage range. As well as transitional consultancy services, the iManage Partner is also offering additional training within the package, which is offered to upskill any users who may be moving to a later version of iManage during the database consolidation process.  

While Tiger Eye already offers the gamut of services here, we’re told that the ambition is to demystify and centralise the process, leveraging best practice from other projects that Tiger Eye has worked on.  

The cost will vary from firm to firm depending on the volume of data in question (and other factors), and Tiger Eye has minimised third-party vendor input within these bundles. 

Dave Wilson, managing director of Tiger Eye, said: “Traditionally, organisations are required to liaise between multiple vendors and service providers to manage such complex transitions as moving to the cloud or merging databases. Without our bundles, firms are often required to work with multiple providers to complete these projects, from consultants to software providers, custom development firms and trainers, leading to complicated procurement processes. We hope our convenient packages will ease change processes for firms, and enable them to accelerate their key DMS projects.”