Report: Hybrid Working and Law Firms’ Long-Term Cloud Journey

It is very easy to make assumptions about what the law firm cloud technology journey looks like in 2023, and those assumptions are, dare we say, often wrong.

This report, conducted in partnership with Philips, looks at the law firm shift towards a long-term hybrid working environment, and what that really means in terms of their technology infrastructure.

‘Cloud’ remains a word that means very different things, capable of rendering a conversation meaningless. For this report we undertook an industry survey and conducted interviews with progressive IT leaders globally to find out what law firms’ technology stacks look like now; where they are in their cloud journey; and what their strategy looks like.

The results provide some fascinating insights into an area often plagued by generalisations. It gives us a good steer as to the hybrid working arrangements in place across the legal sector and the acceleration of strategies that, while largely in place before the pandemic, are being delivered on well ahead of schedule.