Webinar: Don’t be a dinosaur – A conversation about adopting drafting technology solutions

Many law firms struggle to gain technology adoption organically, especially when working with point solutions that are siloed from the rest of the firm’s tech ecosystem.

Join us for an informative webinar hosted by Legal IT Insider with Litera’s vice president for sales advisors and engineers, Matt James, and manager for solutions engineering, Mary Nehring, where we will discuss:

• The challenges of legal technology adoption with an emphasis on drafting solutions
• The concept of using point solutions vs. platforms and their impact on adoption
• Adoption stories from the front line – drafting solution projects that have gone well, and gone wrong
• Some best practices of how to get adoption right
• How Litera Desktop can help with adoption

The webinar is on Thursday 27 April, between 4-5pm BST/ 11am ET. Make sure you register here to reserve your place.

27th April 2023
11:00am ET / 4:00pm BST