UK Top 200 firm Lee & Thompson selects 3E Cloud

UK Top 200 law firm Lee & Thompson has selected 3E Cloud, Thomson Reuters’ Azure-hosted practice management system, with senior managers at the firm observing how much more accessible 3E Cloud is to smaller firms than TR’s legacy on premises system. 

Founded in 1983, Lee & Thompson is one of the UK’s leading law firms for the media, technology, and creative industries.

The firm says it wanted a more flexible, and more resilient practice management solution to support hybrid working. Unusually, it is not known which system the firm is currently using. 3E Cloud will help to bring together business functions and processes including accounting, file opening, time capture, matter management, WIP management, billing, expenses/disbursements, credit control, reporting, group/firm budgeting and forecasting, and process automation in one place.

“The approach that Thomson Reuters has with 3E Cloud is clearly the best one for firms like us, allowing firms at a smaller level to benefit from being on the same platform that the most successful firms in the UK and the world are currently on,” said Simon Boyden, chief financial & operations officer at Lee & Thompson. “Aside from ensuring we are always up to date, 3E Cloud will have a transformative impact on our operational excellence, allowing more accurate time recording, enhancing our matter management, improving the visibility of profitability metrics and speeding up our work-to-cash cycle. Ultimately this will enable us to focus on delivering a superior client experience.”

“It was essential for us to ensure that any platform to which we were moving was a true cloud solution and was extremely resilient and secure,” commented Rob Hilton, the firm’s head of IT. “We are confident that 3E Cloud represents a vastly superior choice in terms of cloud architecture. Its adoption will put our firm on the most robust and secure platform in the legal industry—both now and in the future.”

Other firms in the second half of the UK top 200 to have adopted 3E Cloud include Fox Williams, which was the first UK law firm to make the move, in that case off Elite Envision. Fox Williams generates roughly double the revenue of Lee & Thompson.

“3E has always been known in the industry as the solution of choice for larger law firms, therefore it is refreshing that an independent firm like L&T is now able to benefit from the same functionality through 3E Cloud,” said Martin Hare, Lee & Thompson’s head of finance.