Tiger Eye launches three new tools for iManage, including Workspace automation solution  

Tiger Eye has announced the expansion of the Tiger Eye Tools for iManage collection, with the launch of three new solutions that will help firms automate workspace creation and modification; monitor outgoing emails; and help nominated users access ‘checked-out’ documents. Tiger Eye’s growing range of tools comes in response to client demand, given that a large number of iManage add-ons will be unsupported following the end of life of FileSite and DeskSite later this year.  

Tiger Eye Workspace Automate is a backend console-based tool that is used to automate the creation and modification of Workspaces, based on data provided from an external source. Integrating with legal business intake solutions such as your practice management system, Workspace Automate runs continuous background synchronizations to ensure that changes made in other business-critical systems reflect automatically in the DMS. This minimizes time wasted in document and email workflows, increasing firmwide productivity by mitigating the need for manual data upkeep. Workspace Automate will replace existing workspace tools available that are not compatible with the latest versions of iManage (including Cloud iManage), which is an important step needed as part of any firm’s transition to the cloud.  

Tiger Eye Guardian is a plug-in for Outlook that monitors outgoing email messages to assess and validate all iManage document links shared via email. Protecting against the risk of human error in collaborative workflows, Guardian analyses all iManage document links (.nrl links) sent via email, alerting users if message recipients are not on the security permissions list for files shared. From a compliance perspective, Guardian protects users and the firm against the risk of accidentally sending incorrect files externally, and ensures that ‘need-to-know’ security measures remain protected via email.  

The third solution added is Tiger Eye DocUnlocker, a document access extension for iManage Work Web. Empowering nominated users to unlock, open and edit documents which are marked as ‘checked-out’ in the document management system, DocUnlocker reduces time waste throughout collaborative workflows, by ensuring that documents are always available to those who need them.  

Dave Wilson, managing director of Tiger Eye, said: “A large number of iManage add-ons are soon to be unsupported following the end of life of FileSite and DeskSite later this year. With this, there has been a real demand from our clients for us to broaden our range of future proof, reliable, and actively supported tools. We have received positive feedback from users who note that by streamlining and automating tedious and manual document flows, we are enabling them to focus on higher-value legal work.” 

All of Tiger Eye’s Tiger Eye Tools for iManage are iManage Cloud and Work 10 compliant. Visit the Tiger Eye website to learn more about the range: https://www.tigereyeconsulting.com/solution/tiger-eye-tools