Robin AI launches automated contract drafting tool 

Robin AI, a generative AI-based contracts platform, has launched automated contract drafting module Draft, which at the point of release will be free to use for small businesses. 

Using Robin AI’s templates, businesses can move from rigid Word templates requiring manual updates, to a centralised ‘source of truth.’ Draft uses conditional logic and fits into Robin AI’s modular contracts offering.  

Robin AI has three modules: Draft, for creating contracts from templates; Review for editing contracts during negotiations; and Query, which is a searchable contract repository powered by AI.  

For smaller businesses users can draft standard contracts on their own. Anyone can access the templates and generate agreements such as NDAs, employment contracts, services agreements and supply agreements at no cost. 

For corporates and large businesses, the Robin AI team can configure Draft to your legal team’s templates, ensuring the latest approved language is always used using guided forms. Legal teams can maintain and control oversight through built in approval workflows. 

Founded in 2019, Robin AI in February this year announced that it has partnered with OpenAI alternative LLM provider Anthropic, using ‘Claude’ to help user draft, edit and store contracts using advanced AI. It launched a contract drafting editor powered by Anthropic in February.

Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Robin AI founders’ associate Jakub Makowski said: “We have a large language model that is fine tuned for legal. The way we use AI is to strip away the glitter and noise and look at what the real value proposition is for legal.” 

In Feburary, Robin AI raised $10.5m led by Plural, with participation from Episode 1. Other investors in the round include angel investor Tom Blomfield and senior executives across the legal and private equity industries from Bridgepoint, Apollo, and Barings.  

The latest enabled the partial acquisition of competitor LawGeex, whose customers include UBS, PWC, Ebay and Pepsi.