Hogan Lovells launches own legal tech brand ELTEMATE: Here’s what that means in practice

Global law firm Hogan Lovells on 24 May announced the launch of ELTEMATE, a new Hogan Lovells technology brand that will unify its legal technology offerings under one global team. 

We asked partner Sebastian Lach to tell us what this means in practice, for lawyers, customers, and product development. 

What did you have in place before ELTEMATE? 

Even before there was ELTEMATE, the firm had been developing own legal tech solutions such as apps in addition to using technology from third parties across a large amount of our day-to-day work, e.g., various eDiscovery tools for extensive data review, automated contract review; case management tools, document automation, deal rooms and workflow automation. 

What does ELTEMATE do and why is this significant? 

ELTEMATE now bundles all of our Legal Tech and AI solutions under one roof. It enables us to unify the development, management and marketing of our legal tech products and consulting services.  

Why is ELTEMATE important for clients  

ELTEMATE will make Hogan Lovells services even better. The combination of a leading law firm supported by an innovative Legal Tech Provider is unique and special. It will distinguish us from others in the market. Hogan Lovells is the global one-stop-shop for our clients. The goal is to make clients’ lives easier by delivering practical solutions to everyday problems.  

What impact will ELETMATE have for lawyers? 

Lawyers receive the best possible support to help their clients make the most of available technology, including AI.   

The release mentions that you will develop your own proprietary software. Can you tell us more? 

Our team has developed the Regulatory Scraper. It is an AI solution to simplify and automate the process of collecting, reviewing and processing regulatory updates. It uses a customized AI algorithm which is trained to scrape regulatory and legislative websites. The algorithm recognizes new legal developments, extracts them and analyzes what is relevant and what is not. The tool can cover any regulatory developments around the world in any field of law. It provides information on a daily basis and comes with an interactive workflow management database to capture the entire regulatory compliance lifecycle. 

Is there anything new that you have launched under the Eltemate brand?  

Yes the Regulatory Scraper, Risk Assessment Tool, and various apps. 

Is there anything you’re doing with generative AI? 

Our team of legal and technology experts works closely with clients to provide tailored legal advice and support on how they can use AI-based solutions. We are also exploring the use of generative AI tools to further improve efficiency, personalisation and scalability to provide fine-tuned client solutions.   

How big is the ELTEMATE team?  

Our team currently consists of more than 40 people across various locations in Europe and the U.S. This includes software engineers, experts in AI and data science, eDiscovery, database solutions as well as individuals with a legal background. ELTEMATE does not provide legal advice. Legal advice will continue to be provided through Hogan Lovells.