eDiscovery latest: Onna available on Google Cloud Marketplace; Casepoint investigates breach; Nextpoint launches Arizona law firm

US eDiscovery provider Onna announced this week that its entire solution is now available on Google Cloud Marketplace. It becomes the first external eDiscovery product to be available on the marketplace, a testament to its partnership with Google Cloud, and it has announced upcoming support for Google’s own eDiscovery offering Vault.

Google Cloud has been Onna’s cloud services provider for many years and the Onna platform integrates with content, collaboration, and communication applications like Google Workspace, Slack, Office 365, Confluence, and Jira.

Onna continues to invest in support for Google Workspace, with plans to add Google Vault support to its Workspace connector.

“This alliance will help corporate legal and IT teams streamline their data management processes and quickly put information in the hands of those who need it most,” said Kelly Griswold, CEO of Onna. “By integrating with Google Workspace, Onna is committed to providing an easy and effective way for customers to manage their data.”

To access Onna on Google Cloud Marketplace, click here.

In another eDiscovery first, cloud-based eDiscovery provider Nextpoint is taking advantage of deregulation in Arizona by launching Nextpoint Law Group, an Arizona ABS law firm offering data-driven solutions for litigation. In 2020 Arizona passed new laws to enable law firms to be owned by business leaders, just not just lawyers.

“Professional services have been core to Nextpoint’s business from the beginning and have been critical to the development of our award-winning eLaw software,” said Rakesh Madhava, founder and CEO of Nextpoint. “Nextpoint Law Group is building on this foundation to provide tech-enabled legal services to law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes. It also allows us to extend our support beyond technology services and assist firms with legal advice as they navigate rapidly changing regulatory frameworks surrounding data privacy.”

Andrew Greene, managing partner of the ABS said: “Nextpoint Law Group acts as an extension of existing legal teams, providing support across the litigation spectrum. Our technology plus service solution brings a vertically integrated approach, from data-driven early case assessment to eDiscovery management to trial strategy.”

Nextpoint Law Group is currently hiring attorneys in Arizona.

And Casepoint is investigating a data breach after ALPHV ransomware gang, also known as BlackCat, claimed to have stolen terabytes of sensitive data, including attorney files and information relating to the US government.

In a statement to TechCrunch, Casepoint co-founder and chief technology officer Vishal Rajpara confirmed the company had “activated our incident response protocols” on May 30 and “engaged an external forensic firm to help us investigate a potential incident.”

TechCrunch reported that Rajpara declined to confirm the nature of the incident, but didn’t dispute claims that Casepoint was targeted by the ALPHV ransomware gang.

Samples of the exfiltrated data, seen by TechCrunch, include sensitive health information from a Georgia-based hospital, a legal document, a government-issued ID and an internal document allegedly issued by the FBI. TechCrunch said that The FBI did not respond to its request for comment.