William Fry to adopt Virtual Pricing Director for greater transparency 

Leading Irish law firm William Fry is set to deploy Virtual Pricing Director, the legal SaaS pricing platform conceived and built over five years by international legal pricing experts Validatum, we can reveal.

Commenting on the decision to select VPD, Owen O’Sullivan, managing partner at William Fry said: “By integrating Virtual Pricing Director into our pricing approach, we can deliver greater pricing transparency and budgeting certainty for both existing and prospective clients.

“Additionally, it creates greater efficiencies for us in the preparation of the budgeting and pricing information to the standard that our clients expect.”

This is the latest win for VPD, which in the past year has won the likes of UK top 100 firms Shakespeare Martineau and Hugh James as clients.

Richard Burcher, chairman and co-founder of VPD said: “The key to a firm successfully embracing a sophisticated approach to pricing, is not to simply throw technology at the problem which we know doesn’t make much difference. Successful transformation comes from addressing the entire problem holistically with a ‘people, process, and technology’ approach.

“Having worked extensively with all the firm’s partners and senior associates on pricing professional development, it made complete sense to William Fry to now embed those gains operationally with the right technology solution.”