ICYMI: Allen & Overy to capture “millions of dollars in additional revenue” with  Zero email filing tool 

This article first featured as an exclusive in the September Orange Rag

Allen & Overy has begun rolling out Zero Systems’ automated email filing tool Athena, which includes new, purpose-built functionality that will help teams collaborating across jurisdictions to “capture millions of dollars in additional revenue”.

One of the challenges faced by global law firms is the lack of accurate billing of time across different jurisdictions. Fee-earners who assist their international colleagues often, due to ethical walls, can’t access client and matter numbers, which can result in work not being billed at all.   

Zero built – and has now included as part of its Athena product – an AI-backed filing compliance solution that can automatically identify and share key pieces of information such as client and matter numbers, author data, and document types for each email.    

“With the Zero Systems’ filing automation generative AI application, attorneys can now easily file emails into our document management system. This ensures proper billing of time and capture of millions of dollars in additional revenue,” said Allen & Overy’s global CIO & SSC director, Andrew Brammer.   

Alex Babin, co-founder and CEO of Zero, told Legal IT Insider: “If you are working on a matter and you can’t see the matter and client number, then you have to email your counterpart. So, for example, an attorney in Singapore emails an attorney in New York asking what the matter number is for the client that we just helped. In many cases, that just slips through the cracks. But for A&O that represents millions of dollars lost but now recovered.” 

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