WEBINAR TODAY: How Signature Scraping and ERM has Revolutionised CRM in Law Firms

Following on from the LITI CRM Software Survey in February, and Neil Cameron’s first follow-up article on Signature Scraping, we are pleased to announce the first in the series of related CRM Webinars.

In the past many law firm CRM systems suffered from a “data death spiral” because the use and utility of CRM systems lived and died by the completeness and accuracy of their contact data. Unfortunately, that relied on the ability and willingness of lawyers to capture and enter that information.

Lawyers expected the information to be there without themselves having to do anything, and they moan about the accuracy of the information and refused to engage with the system or the process. So they use the system less and less, and get even worse at providing the much needed data.

The development in signature scraping in CRM-related technology that finally broke this impasse. This Webinar will discuss the change in effectiveness of legal CRM systems that signature scraping has wrought; as well as explore various other benefits that have resulted, such as:

  • enterprise relationship management, with some practical examples of how firms are exploiting the type of information an ERM can provide
  • data quality improvements
  • the phrase ‘monitoring email traffic’ could sound quite invasive to some lawyers, have firms found lawyers or other who oppose what an ERM does hand how have they overcome this?
  • how have firms and vendors begun to incorporate AI, machine learning and predictive analytics into the ERM process?
  • what is on the horizon, what is next? Is sentiment analysis for example likely to play a role in law firms?

The discussion will be led by Neil Cameron from LITI, and the panel will include contributors from two of the vendors included in the CRM Legal Software Survey – Steven Tyndall, Managing Director of ClientSense, and Whit McIsaac, Global Industry Director at HSO.

To reserve your space at this virtual discussion table, please make sure you register now! 

18th October 2023
9:30am ET / 2:30pm BST