NetDocuments announces general availability of PatternBuilder MAX

NetDocuments announced today (24 October) at its annual US user conference the general availability of PatternBuilder MAX, which includes nine “out-of-the-box” apps that incorporate generative AI.

NetDocuments first announced in July that it was set to release a series of generative AI-powered products, the first being PatternBuilder MAX, which is built on Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, including GPT-4, which became available in OpenAI Service in March.

The new apps  live within the ndMAX Studio (hence they are called ‘Studio Apps) and we’re told that they were designed based on insights and AI use cases from 100s of NetDocuments customers.

The nine Studio Apps released today are:

  • Summarize: Generates a summary of a document that you select in NetDocuments. Firms can generate a general summary or apply a summary template for specialized use cases (depositions, loan agreements, etc.).
  • Drafting: Automatically drafts a new document, allowing users to select a prior precedent document as an example or draft a document from scratch based on custom instructions.
  • Extract: Automatically extracts one or more entities from the selected document, and resulting data can then be saved to a database, written into a document, or both. This app is ideal for identifying and storing contract data.
  • Contract Playbook: Instantly analyze an agreement based on the selected contract playbook, including organization-specific contract playbooks that analyze any type of desired agreement.
  • Timeline: Generates a timeline of events based on the selected text.
  • Translate: Automatically translates text from one language into another, supporting over a dozen languages.
  • Compare: Compares two documents based on custom criteria that the user provides.
  • Continue Draft: Quickly drafts the next section of a document based on prior content in the document. Optionally, users can include prior precedents to enhance the quality of the draft further.
  • Query Document: Ask one or more questions of a document stored in NetDocuments, ensuring quick answers even when buried in lengthy, complex documents.

Greg Siskind, founding partner of Siskind Susser, PC – Immigration Lawyers, and a power user of PatternBuilder said: “ndMAX and PatternBuilder MAX are the best approaches we’ve seen to using generative AI for document automation. It gives our team greater control to create prompts and produce detailed, reliable documents – from simple to complex.  The success of NetDocuments’ approach with PatternBuilder MAX comes from leveraging AI that is powered by a firm’s own work product and insights – so all of our experience and knowledge is right there in the documents we save, and these tools tap into that.”

For more details, or to request a demo, click here.

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