WEBINAR: Where does BI reap the biggest rewards?

Business intelligence (BI) in the legal field was long thought of as a ‘nice to have’, rather than a necessary component to a law firm’s success. However, as more firms leverage BI than ever before, its value is increasingly apparent.

Join Legal IT Insider and guests: fractional CIO and strategic advisor Chris White, who is the former global CIO of Clyde & Co; and Litera product advisor Amanda Mui, for a discussion on the growing importance of BI in the legal industry as a motivator for associates, and an aid to fact-based decision making at a team and firm level.

In this webinar on 29 November at 4pm GMT, we’ll discuss where firms are seeing the largest returns from investing in BI, as well as common challenges that cause them to stumble or fail.

29th November 2023
11am ET / 4pm GMT