Addleshaw Goddard selects CoCounsel, Spellbook, Microsoft Copilot and its own AGPT platform after gen AI trials

Having conducted trials or proof of concepts with five generative AI vendors in the drafting, review, legal review and productivity space – as we first revealed in June this year – international law firm Addleshaw Goddard has chosen CoCounsel, Spellbook, and Microsoft Copilot alongside its own internally developed AGPT platform, as its suite of generative AI solutions.

The selection was run by the firm’s Innovation & Legal Technology leadership, led from the team’s R&D pillar managed by senior manager for R&D, Mike Kennedy. Over 50 technologies were reviewed, with the five taken forward to trials and pilots involving 150 volunteers across the firm.

Elliot White, director of innovation & legal technology, said: “CoCounsel, an AI legal assistant powered by GPT-4, is a highly effective tool for bulk document analysis in addition to other features. Spellbook is a legal contract drafting and review tool fully integrated with Word and powered by both OpenAI and Anthropic models. Along with our own AGPT platform and Microsoft Copilot, our lawyers have a powerful suite of tools to perform their work and enhance our client service.”

AGPT is AG’s internally developed AI-powered platform that enables users to run standard queries, upload documents to be queried and reviewed, and translate documents.

Kerry Westland, partner and head of innovation & legal technology, said: “Generative AI has untold potential to support our lawyers and transform our client services now and in years to come. The past year has been an incredibly exciting time of experimenting inside the firm and working with our clients to establish multiple use cases. It has become clear that no one existing platform can deliver everything we want to achieve, so we’ve decided to adopt a suite of tools as well as develop our own large language model-based platform, AGPT, to ensure we deliver with imagination and impact for our clients by staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the legal industry.”

The pilots identified more than 100 potential use cases across all of Addleshaw Goddard’s practice areas, with common functions including producing first drafts of content for review e.g. contract clauses, document review, summarising case law, contracts and articles, overcoming writer’s block, translation, research and information-gathering.

You can read details of the pilots here: