Legal IT Win: Leading African law firm selects Virtual Pricing Director

Africa’s largest law firm, ENSafrica, will shortly deploy Virtual Pricing Director, the legal SaaS pricing platform conceived and built over five years by international legal pricing experts Validatum, we can reveal.

According to Mzi Mgudlwa, chief executive at ENS, the 600+ practitioner firm looked widely at the international market for a pricing solution that would create price transparency, budgetary certainty, and value for money. “It was very clear that Validatum is the leader in the field of law firm pricing strategy and is the only organisation that could deliver the people and process components, and the technology solution with Virtual Pricing Director,” he said.

“They have just completed a very successful and enthusiastically received series of pricing masterclasses to our executives across Africa and we are now looking forward to the deployment of VPD which will underpin and embed the professional development.”

Richard Burcher, chairman and co-founder of VPD said: “The key to a firm successfully embracing a sophisticated approach to pricing, is not to simply throw technology at the problem which we know doesn’t make much difference. Successful transformation comes from addressing the entire problem holistically with a ‘people, process, and technology’ approach.

“It’s also important to ask, ‘who do we want using this technology?’ Increasingly, firms want partners and senior fee earners to take more responsibility for the profitability of their work so that means giving the lawyers technology that not only does that but is more broadly intuitive and reflects the way they work, rather than require them to change their habits.”

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