Microsoft SharePoint Embedded launched for public preview as Peppermint unveils integration 

Microsoft announced today (28 November) that SharePoint Embedded is available for public preview, as Peppermint Technology emerged as one of the first companies to feature an integration following work it has done with Pinsent Masons. SharePoint Embedded enables business and enterprise users to create custom apps inside their Microsoft 365 tenant. It is designed for use by both first-party Microsoft products and third-party apps created by any developer.

In tandem with the announcement, Peppermint Technology unveiled the launch of Peppermint Connect for Microsoft SharePoint Embedded, in what they describe as a “pivotal moment in legal tech”. In a collaboration with Microsoft’s SharePoint team and Pinsent Masons, Peppermint has collaborated to help pinpoint the specific requirements and opportunities required for law firms. This joint effort aims to maximise the benefits of Microsoft 365 while integrating with SharePoint Embedded, according to their release.

“Peppermint, together with SharePoint Embedded, goes beyond traditional document management using AI-infused discovery and robust security measures,” said Tim Dale, director of knowledge at Pinsent Masons. “This modern approach enhances user experience within Outlook and Teams and turns a vast corpus of data into actionable insights.”

Mike Walker, CTO at Peppermint Technology, adds, “The system not only secures our clients’ data but also makes it more usable to assist with gaining insights. It’s not just about storing information but grounding it in a way that AI can leverage for a competitive advantage.”

We’ll bring you a more in-depth briefing shortly.

You can learn more about SharePoint Embedded here:

And Peppermint’s announcement is here: