Octopus Group acquires a majority stake in online legal divorce service amicable

UK investment company Octopus Group announced today (6 December) that it has acquired a majority stake in online legal divorce service amicable. amicable will work with sister brands Octopus Money and Guardian Angel to enable them to provide customers with both financial and legal advice.

amicable was founded in 2015 by former divorce counsellor and HR manager, Kate Daly and the former founder of SAP consultancy Bluefin Solutions, Pip Wilson. Following Daly’s lengthy and expensive divorce the pair embarked on a mission to provide a more collaborative and tech-enabled process than the traditional lawyer-led model. Both parties to the divorce can build their goals and expectations into amicable’s app, and its go-to-market message is that it “helps couples to separate without lawyering up each side.” Unusually, when compared with many traditional divorce lawyers, it provides a fixed-fee service.

“Tying the knot with Octopus is a significant milestone for us” said Daly. “Octopus’ commitment to innovation and financial empowerment aligns with our vision of providing accessible and consumer-led legal services.Together, we look forward to realising our vision of a brighter and more positive future for separating couples and society more generally.”

Octopus says that the acquisition is part of its vision of offering customers deeper emotional and financial support through their biggest life events.

Ruth Handcock, CEO at Octopus Money, said: “Our customers often come to us during big life moments that force them to take a look at their finances, like parenthood, buying a property, or divorce. In times like these, emotional and practical support need to go hand in hand. 

amicable’s mission of helping couples navigate these moments in a more positive way, is the perfect marriage for Octopus’s ethos of challenging convention, and backing companies that are committed to making a difference. Together, we can provide the money and legal advice that customers need to help them navigate these moments more smoothly.”