Thomson Reuters CoCounsel expands out of US as it also launches new Practical Law AI tools 

Thomson Reuters has begun the international expansion of its generative AI assistant CoCounsel Core, beginning with Canada and Australia, as it focuses on expanding CoCounsel’s availability in English-speaking countries. The legal information company also unveiled two new generative AI products that integrate with Practical Law.

TR announced in June last year that it had acquired Casetext and its market leading gen AI product CoCounsel. In November, TR said that it was building a CoCounsel AI assistant to be the interface across Thomson Reuters products. CoCounsel Core, which was introduced in the United States last year, is that combined offering. 

Customers can use CoCounsel Core for tasks such as preparing for a deposition, drafting correspondence, searching a database, reviewing documents, summarising documents, extracting contract data, checking contract policy compliance, and for creating timelines. 

“Last year, we began the introduction of new and exciting generative AI skills to the market. This will be the year that customers begin to realize tremendous improvements in productivity and work product quality. We are moving faster, launching more innovative products to better serve our customers than ever before,” said David Wong, chief product officer at Thomson Reuters 

Thomson Reuters also announced two new products this week: Ask Practical Law AI, which is a generative AI-powered chat experience, and Practical Law Clause Finder, built using AI models trained by Practical Law editors, which is integrated with Microsoft Word and designed to streamline and improve efficiency in drafting contracts. 

Ask Practical Law AI provides summarised answers grounded in Practical Law know-how and content. Practical Law Clause Finder enables customers to quickly find and add market clauses from Practical Law, SEC agreements, and their own internal documents into their drafts without leaving Microsoft Word. Finder initially will be available in the United States with 12 agreement types before expanding to the UK and Canada. 


“Lawyers rely on Practical Law to provide them with the right answer, quickly, along with tools and insights to improve their workflow,” said Emily Colbert, senior vice president of product management at Thomson Reuters. “Our new generative AI tool capitalises on the efficiency and know-how of Practical Law, quickly giving users a summarised answer. Practical Law Clause Finder takes efficiency to the next level by giving customers access to the resources they need – whether from Practical Law or their own – within the document they’re drafting, meeting them where they are working.”