Major corporates including Intel and Microsoft launch gen AI collective facilitated by Factor

Several global general counsel today (8 February) launched The Sense Collective, a collaboration community aimed at accelerating the adoption of generative AI in the corporate legal realm. Founding members include Intel, DXC, Microsoft, Adobe, Crowdstrike, Ford, and Anglo American, with global alternative legal services provider Factor facilitating and hosting the community.

We’re told that membership will be limited in number to maximize engagement and peer collaboration, and the inaugural cohort will kick off in March.  The Sense Collective is designed to create a shared framework for practical implementation, with “tangible and highly programmatic workstreams across member services, shared prototype development, and community knowledge sharing.” The new group adds that this approach ensures each member benefits from collective insights and force multiplies progress on the gen AI agenda.

Mike Haven, head of global legal operations at Intel, said: “Instead of each organization expending effort and tackling the same questions in isolation, we’re collaborating to find practical, expedited solutions, dispel hype from reality, and go far together.” 

Overseeing the program is Factor’s global head of insights and innovation, Ed Sohn, who describes it as “applied innovation-as-a-service.” He says, “For legal departments inundated with conferences and webinars, The Sense Collective is about moving from a swirl of discussion to tangible action, focusing on real-world adoption challenges like strategic planning, use case development, and reliable intelligence about the state of the art. The Sense Collective is a call for like-minded GCs to rally together, assembling to ensure that business as usual does not cause this moment to pass us by.”

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