Webinar Replay: The state of security and compliance in the legal sector

With cybersecurity and data breaches hitting law firms hard, this webinar in partnership with Advanced explored the state of security and compliance in the legal profession.  

We chatted with special guest Adam Harrison, who is a managing director at FTI Consulting with 15 years of experience in digital forensics and incident response, and Colin McArdle, head of sales for large law and EMEA at Advanced, who has worked with law firms for nearly 20 years. 

Key discussion points included: 

  • The issues faced by the legal sector are not unique, but the extent to which law firms handle confidential and sensitive information (including PII) and client monies as part of their services increases the impact of incidents. 
  • Phishing, data breaches, ransomware, and supply chain were identified by the National Cyber Security Centre as the major concern for law firms in 2018, unfortunately little has changed. 
  • The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s AML report found that a significant minority of firms are not getting the basics right. 
  • Getting the basics right from a security perspective includes limiting exposure of assets to the internet, user awareness training, patching of systems and using multi-factor authentication, but all too often these are still overlooked. 
  • The best strategies to stay secure include keeping your data in one place but also thinking compliance, not just security. 
  • There are key learnings from supply chain compromises that have plagued the legal sector and dominated headlines most recently, such as Move-IT and CTS. 
  • What challenges lie ahead?

There are some important insights and some great questions, make sure you listen to the replay here